The crypto service provider

Crypto Business
and Knowledge

cbnk Exchange - Crypto exchange
cbnk signals - Crypto trading signals
cbnk Pay - Cryptocurrencies as a payment method
SA Academy - Learn all about crypto

The crypto service provider

Crypto Business
and Knowledge

Cbnk Exchange – Crypto exchange
Cbnk signals – Crypto trading signal
Cbnk Pay – Cryptocurrencies as a payment method
SA Academy – Learn all about crypto

Buy and sell Crypto currencies the easy way!

  • The perfect entry into the world of crypto currencies! Buy or sell Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
  • You want to create your personalized crypto portfolio?
    We help you to establish one.
  • The process of choosing the perfect coins, buying them and store them safetly.
  • Cbnk, your partner you can trust!
Be your own Broker!

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Yes to crypto!

The easiest solutions are the most efficiant. We connect established, working systems with new technologies. The undeniable advantages will soon convince YOU as well. The revolutionary payment system CBNK PAY opens you the doors to the business of the future. On a par with time and sometimes ahead of it!

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What else does cbnk provide


Knowledge is power! Online and offline. Knowledge provided and explained in the simplest ways. The joy of learning and applying the knowledge in your daily trading practice. This is a combined feature of cbnk and the SA Academy. We know what’s the most important! Use the power of learning!

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Mining Rig, Miningstation, CPU oder GPU… Passiv income a topic for you? Cbnk and a partnered company provide the perfect solution for you. Using your own hardware or buying Hashpower! Get the Profits!

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ICO Development

You have an interesting project and are looking for investors? We have the perfect solution an ICO – Initial Coin Offering! For the best start of your project.

Be inspired!

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Be a part of the new finance system

Crypto currency is a new digital alternative currency, mostly decentralized, distributed and cryptographically safe, payment solution.


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We develop Add-Ins and new functions based on customer feedback and want to give YOU the best experience possible.

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